Friday, December 11, 2009

The Blue Room

I just have been to Blue Room, the official bar of the Apo View Hotel. It's a small place yet so vibrant. The band Platinum performed and they are simply fantastic. MUsic of almost genre are being played. I was even able to dance with one the singers. It was indeed a wonderful experience.

Sir Mel invited few days ago of having sometime together and he Apo View would be the perfect place to be. Without hesitation, I decided to say GO since it is very timely also to have a break after a very tiring quarter. And it was worthy indeed. The Platinum band was very amazing that they will really entertain you in a very dynamic way.

Great place and great performances!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have just been to People's Park with the (ex)?girlfriend, Analou. It was a tough decision actually. Words were hardly spoken from my mouth. It took a lot of courage to speak the truth, the hurting truth. In short, we are officially break as being lovers.

Lovers indeed since we spent special times also. Special in the way I could never imagine I can experience. Dining outside, going home with her and introduce her to my family; stays in hotel, traveling, strolling at the park, and especially talking about life and sharing experiences, and most especially, trusting each other and caring for each other.

After all of those things, it was very difficult to end such relationship. But things occur sometimes of course not the way we expected to them to happen. I know I handle the relationship very poorly. Time, communication, excitement, special treatment were gone as time passes by. Why I keep on defending myself?


There are just things that can't be explained by words alone.

To you my, salamat sa lahat2x. Sa care and love mo sa akin. Especially for being so patient and understanding eventhough I'm one of the worst persons to deal with. I know, great things will still happen for each one of us. Just take care.

Salamat kaayo.

I just can't cheat to myself and to other people.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Days

I was not able to appreciate life as it is these past few days. I have been very(?) busy with the different activities in school - both in my workplace and in my graduate studies. More often, Davao Christian consumes most of my time. I had great experiences though with these exhausting times.

Almost two weeks ago, the I Love Philippines Club of DCHS went to Butuan. The activity aimed to promote national consciousness to the youth about our very fascinating past. I'm referring to the pre-Hispanic times. We visited the National Museum, the Balanghai Museum, the Masao River, the newly built Diosdado Macapagal suspension bridge, and the oldest tree in the Philippines located in the town of Magallanes. It was indeed a great opportunity to experience such travel for free. lol

Last Friday, the entrep class of Ma'am J ocy had a short workshop about entrepreneurship. And guess who was the speaker? it was actually Mr. Illac Diaz. we had an opportunity to have lunch with him and to have simple conversation with him. he is truly an inpiring

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My hometown

These past few weekends I keep on going home. I certainly don't know why but there is just something that keeps me coming back home often. Well, there are maybe many reasons for it. Our house is very simple(literally) but what is something in home that you feel like very at ease, very comfortable.

The security maybe and the feeling of belongingness and probably ownership. Ha ha ha ha ha what strange reasons for it. Or maybe the company you have at home. But you know it's not an assurance also since there are so many houses which are actually very fancy and yet many people who are living there are not comfortable being there. Well, in my case I just love being with my family. Reminiscing the childhood memories which we joyfully share with each other. Good times and certainly sometimes tough times are worth talking for. Ha ha ha ha ha. My sister Deling would be very amazed on how we succeeded those difficult times before. In short, even though we are not able to renovate fully our house yet but the feeling of being there, standing, sitting, dining, sleeping is just too soothing. The feeling of contentment is just indescribable. Ha ha ha ha ha.

The environment also is one factor. Sometimes in Davao life is so busy that I forget to breath naturally sometimes. More vehicles in the streets, airconditioned classrooms and offices, clogged boarding house. I feel suffocated. Unlike here, the scenery is still green. Less vehicles. Natural air and windy. Serene especially during evenings. What could I ask for? I even have a plan of working here next school year. Ha ha ha ha ha.

After dreaming of living city life, I am asking now going back home. Humans are really insatiable. Ha ha ha ha ha. But of course, I will be bored after some time living here probably. He he he he he.

Still, Davao has something more to offer! But I just love my hometown, Tagum!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Alive!

Exactly one month ago I met a motorcycle accident. It was a fine Sunday morning. The sky was very bright. The sun was up. I decided to ask my brother to teach me how to drive a single motor. And he did. We went to the oval not far from our home. It was already scary every time I take a turn. I was able to drive it how many times on the open ground. We went back home and had agreed that I will be the one to drive. And I did. It was good feeling. I just have the difficulty in stepping the clutch to set the ideal speed of the vehicle along the way. We went further to the outskirts of our barangay since it was a paved road and few vehicles are passing there. When we went back home we decided to pass at Bario Site, the center of our barangay. When we were nearing the corner where I was about to turn, I stepped the clutch and brake to reduce the speed but I was able tighten my grip which cause the motorcycle to accelerate instantly and I just lose control. My brother was asking where are we going and we just dived into the canal!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Langub Glass Palace

I just arrived from our short trip in Buda. Very timely since we had a very stressful week - beating deadlines in grades, cards, permanent records and etc. I was invited by Maam Katya together with teacher friends. With the heavy load in the past week, all I wanted was to have a simple break. And God granted that to me. I did not expect for comfortable place since we did not pay huge amount for this trip. But when we arrived at Buda last night, I was amazed by the one-of-a-kind house where we stayed. Amazing was my first impression and it even surprised me more during the daytime.

The house is a blend of different materials which gives a unique ambiance. Walls are made up of log's, bricks, cement and glass. French windows are very cute. The two attics are very very cool. They are my favorite parts in the house. Ceilings are made up of "amakan" or weaved thin bamboo trunks. It was my first time to see a fire place and it's not really awkward to have it in the tropical Philippines. At Buda, temperatures in the evening will really make you shiver.

We had a simple dinner. A very very Filipino one - adobo, ginisang kangkong and of course rice with pandan leaves. The company was also very very great that helped me to have the good appetite. No electricity so the small lamparas and petromax served as our lightings. Throughout the night, I enjoyed mother nature with her awesome wonders - stars in the sky, sounds of crickets and most especially the cool breeze. After I took a very cold bath, I fall asleep.

I woke up around seven in the morning and decided to have my coffee. When I went upstairs (since I slept in the underground room), I was struck by the beauty of the green surroundings. All I can see were the gentle pine trees as if greeting you a beautiful morning. And it was beautiful indeed. I sip my coffee in the veranda where you can clearly view the great Arakan valley. It is clearly seen during earling morning. Since we arrived around 9 in the evening, I did not notice the different ornamental and flowering plants around. The flowers are of different forms and colors. Magnificient view! Flaming red, subtle lavender, bright yellows and soothing white. I really appreciate country houses like Langub Glass Palace than huge modern mansions in the city. The house is a destination itself.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Having Fun!

I just finished my snacks at the same time my lunch at mandarin Tea garden at Victoria plaza. As usual, I ordered my favorite menu - siomai and tropical fruit salad. It's our 2nd monthsary today of my girlfriend, Analou. For the past two months, i just been so happy and felt complete like never before. We had simple celebration this morning for she's going home. We met the new day together and exploring new things together(?). Lolz! And what else could be sweeter than that? We had our simple breakfast at Blue Carabao and I sent her off to ride for a jeepney.

Last night we really had a great time together with my friends at Maam Jocy's new home. It was the first time Analou and even me to join my fellow teachers for a simple gathering. Maam Glema and Desi organized it since Relyn is in town for a break from Manila. Relyn was our former sophomore English teacher. We had a simple dinner prepared by everybody. Me and my An brought Bam-i from Fly-over ihaw2x. Relyn brought Red Ribbon cake and Desi and Glema with bihon and Pancit from Edongs. James and Mam Jocy bought barbecue which was very very tasty. We enjoyed our conversation since Jennifer and Dexter were around. They really have a good sense of humor. We talked about our lives as teachers and especially how Jen handle the preschoolers. It's already 9 in the evening and the original plan was to watch LFS at nearby SM but we were late already so the group decided to watch the famous film of Sarah and John Lloyd at NCCC mall. Without so much adue, the group was ready just in a minute.

We toured a bit to view the controversial house at their subdivision and we all were very amazed by these palace-like houses. At the mall, we met the Ching's (Bavyn's family). There were still so many movie goers on queue at the cinema where the You Change My Life movie is being showed. We continue our conversation and finally we were in.

Watching the movie for the second time around was not that exciting anymore (unless the movie is really really good). But there are still scenes that impressed me. We do not laugh that much but we really enjoy the movie though. We then had our picture taking at the car park of the mall and headed home immediately.

Simple things in life become funny and memorable as long you have good people around. ;-)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Talk it Out!

There are really things in life that we have to decide seriously. In my case this time, is all about my career. I have been a confused high school teacher for the last school year plus the student-attitude factor that's why I planned first to resign. Later on I realized that being a teacher is not all about myself but it's all about those kids you are going to mold.

I talked to different people about it and it helped me a lot to weigh things and eventually enlightened me to give my decision. Having conversation with your friends, sibling or to your girlfriend would really help things to be defined clearly. Because of that, we can have better view about the confusing situation we are into.

So if you are confused and having probs that need serious it out! After all, two heads are better than one!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Things really have limitations. And that limitation in my case was tested this morning. I usually handle the class in an informal manner. Informal in the sense that I treated the students as my friends and that student-teacher gap is very thin already. My fault? Maybe...

And whoever fault it is... I just hope that students sometimes should have that common sense to what extent they will have to do their bullshit things to their teachers. Bullying, complaining about their damn Math problems and other tasks the teacher will give.

Who's to blame? the teacher who is working so that students will learn? the student whose attitude is not a Christian at all? the parents who lack guidance to these freaks? the system of education where the hardships of the students will be released to the teachers? Or this whole part of the society?

Whoever and whatever it is....

I just wish that students should have that responsibility of respecting the person next to them! Maybe we teachers failed to remind that to the students...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweater Day!

Though it's normal here in the Philippines to have rainy days, I felt different today about it. Since early dawn, mild rain started to pour. I woke up around 5 am but it was still very dark outside. I went back to sleep. After some alarms, I woke up again and's already 7 in the morning. Remember that our time in's at school is at 7:10 am. I did not rush , instead I enjoyed the natural cool breeze and enjoying the rain a little. I arrived at school around 8:05 am. I thought I was the only one who was late but I was wrong. Mam Jocy just arrived few minutes after I came in. Sir Dexter and Mam Josephine arrived an hour after me.

The rain continued to pour the whole of the morning and even harder as the day continued. At school, it's so nice to see the umbrellas rested in one corner... motionless colorful stuffs. I prefer this kind of weather than hot and humid ones. What thrilled me most are the stylistic sweaters worn by students and teachers alike. It's so enticing to see people wearing it in a tropical Philippines. Well maybe I'm just so impressed how the people of the West wear their clothes but wearing like that in the Philippines at this very moment is not a total copycat. It just fit to the kind of day we have. I enjoyed watching the rain as it continue to pour throughout the morning. I even turned off the aircon of Generosity during the last period since I want to save electricity and I want them to feel and even appreciate the wonder of nature.

The Department of Education decided to cut the class into the morning only due to the fear of flashed floods. Right now in Cagayan de Oro City, the down town is drowned due to heavy rains. Even here in Davao, too much heavy rain will make the Downtown area flooded since it's very lowlying and we're very close to the sea. When the water fom the nearby mountains will go down and at the same time the ocean level will rise, the major roads will be flooded. Poor drainage system too is one cause. But I still enjoyed the day. I went home around 2:00 in the afternoon and it's still raining. I slept for about two hours and and then I went to my sister at Agdao public market cause I missed her. She let me watched a comedy film which is very very cute ... Dirty Love. It's passed 7:oo already so I went back to the bhaus. Though I usually walk, this time even it was very cold and people around me are wearing sweater cause it's still showering, I still decided to walk and feel the natural coolness we rarely have here in this tropical paradise. I enjoyed every bit of it as I walked going home. It's so nice to see people are wearing colorful and trendy sweater to help the human body being at warm. As I arrived at the bhaus, I dig in my laundry basket (he he he he he) and I wore also my black BoardWalk sweater. I feel more comfortable then and I headed to Blue Carabao for my dinner.
This is really a beautiful day with a beautiful weather wearing beautiful clothes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Touch of Magic

Unexplainable feelings of excitement, happiness and joy filled every cell of my body now. I never expect I could feel this beautiful feelings. I just received a beautiful gift from GOD... "To love and be loved."

Wandering through the wilderness of life, GOD showed me the way, the truth and the life. Along with that is a precious blessing that made me complete.

Analou, my girlfriend! I LOVE YOU Mang...

I thanked GOD for giving her to me. For the greatness of HIS love through her. Thank YOU Lord!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year in the real sense of the word

Things really changed.

And I'm happy for that beautiful changes.

GOD bless us all in this NEW Year for all of us