Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I don't know but I like to deviate in some of my daily routines... For 2nd week now, I always come to school late... very late actually. At my DTR, my time ins are usually almost 10 o'clock. And I tell you, I really have no regrets in all of those. And I don't want to think also that I violated the school rules and I know that students should NOT do the same.

The primary reason is that I make it a reward to myself. For more than a year already, I usually wake up very early, without breakfast, going to school and facilitate the first period. I already neglected what is Davao City at morning. Though our salaries will be automatically deducted with every minute late, I rather not to calculate the cost monetarily.

Due to the changes of facilitating schedules in 2nd half of the school year, I am assigned now to facilitate the last period of the morning subjects.. MATH 4. Because of this, I indulged myself of staying at bed as late as 8 o'clock in the morning! I tried not to rush every morning and of course to take my breakfast already. I usually eat at Blue Carabao in Obrero. Aside from proximity of this place in my bhaus and at my workplace, the food here is simply very very good! I really like theri rice and breakfast meals. Enjoy their longanisa, corned beef, scrambled egg, fried chicken and the one tht you should not miss (even at breakfast) their soup!

I like walking under the mild heat of the sun in the morning... It really refreshes me. I learn to appreciate more the bustling city of Davao at these hours. People riding at jeepneys, taxis, or their own cars going to work. When I arrived at school, I noticed that I feel more "ganado" to do my work...checking of papers and reading! ;-)

Sometimes, (in my opinion only) it's good to deviate in your usual routine to make life more colorful. Breaking your usual daily schedules will make you realize that life is that not tiring at all. We must also learn to see the other side of this beautiful world.