Thursday, March 27, 2008

The clash!

I have just been to my student's residence in Monteverde St., attending his 17th birthday. The food were tempting and yes! Delicious. We drink green label 15 years - unfortunately, I forgot the brand, Baileys and Novelino red wine. The group really had fun since most of them were girls and first timers! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. They really have a posh house - believe it or not - with elivator and well furnished rooms and places. And I really like his bedroom - very spacious and comfortable with big plasma Samsung TV and Wi-Fi. The comfort room has transparent bath corner. Everything is well organized.

Late afternoon yesterday, we played paintball at MTS untill evening and the heavy rain poured just after we played. We have no choice but to run going to Penong's under the pouring water from the sky to have a dinner. We were so wet but we really had fun. Our meal was sumptuos as it was served with hot soup and unlimited rice. Plus a good service, it was the best treat with a very cold and wet weather.

I experienced and enjoyed these comfortable and yeah, expensive lifestyle when I start teaching at one of the exclusive high schools here in Davao. Growing up in a poor family and community, I really experienced culture shock at first since I can't really believe that they are that rich - literally. Talking about their vacations abroad, eating at the high end restaurants, wearing those "branded" clothes and using those latest gadgets made me realized that there is really a world like this in the Philippines.

Before I was hired as an Economics teacher, I worked at the NGO for a research regarding the impacts of the Filipino overseas workers to the lives of their families here in Davao. There I witnessed the different social status of the Filipinos and encountered so many people. Some will simply reject us thinking that we were impostors and may rob them. Some were very warm hoping that we can greatly help uplift their very sad situations.

Two worlds apart. I am still thinking why did GOD put me in this school. Maybe to give me some chance to witness the life of comfort for I grew up in a bit deprived community. Or maybe to be a connection for between this two differnt worlds since many of my students don't give a damn of what's happening outside their very palatial world. Whatever the reason may be, I enjoyed teaching at Davao Christian for I was able to experience the real Christian community. I felt the worth as human being. To teach, to influence and to mold young minds. Awaken them about the realities and ironies of this world which they were very eager to learn. Helping them discover the person they are ought to be.

I am living between this two contrasting worlds and it is very difficult to be clashed sometimes. The challenge is to lessen the gap of this two distant worlds. And I know it's not easy - and I think the emmissary for both worlds must rise!