Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer Pahabol!

Today we really had a great time unwinding from the hustle and bustle city life. Camiguin may be calcelled but we spent the day just like a real summer escapade.

The outing was unique... We're only seven but hei... we exclusively occupy the place. It's a good thing there is a nice place to relax and enjoy in my neighboorhood. Totally kapitbahay! Ha ha ha ha ha. The place used to be our playground then and now it is converted into a resthouse by a prominent family here in Tagum who bought the area. They are all doctors and since they're always busy, they allow people to use their pool and the place as a whole. Of course, it is with pay. But hei, it is very affordable for a place like that and the good thing is... it is exclusive!

Mam Jocy, Mam Grace, Dom Ong and Peter Y arrived from Davao around 11 o'clock in the morning. Danica and his brother followed in just few minutes since they lived here in Tagum. We had little Videoke concert as Dom Ong was very eager to sing. Lunch followed and I called my sister and Tatay to join us. The food were too simple... grilled Barilison, "bam-i" (LOL!), lechon manok, Buko Salad (I personally got the buko from our only coconut tree... Ha ha ha ha ha), "nilung-ag na Kamote at Saging", watermelon and bread. That was also a partial celebration of my upcoming twenteen-2* birthday!(LOLz!).

After that, we sang again and hei Danica has a very soft voice. It's very comforting to hear. And it's pool time. The shower was cool that will really make you stay in there.The pool is just a medium size swimming pool. It is very refreshing to view and bathe in it since it is surrounded by colorful ornamental and flowering plants, palm trees, and citrus trees. It is really a relaxing atmosphere since it's not crowded. Calm, quiet and refreshing... The manmade waterfalls at the other end of the pool adds drama to the awesome scenery. We really had a great afternoon... Chatting, swimming and eating!

We then headed to Danica's house just a tricycle ride from our's. Their garden was so cool since it is situated in their roof top. Fresh wind blew but it was actually an indication of a heavy rain coming. We then took our sumptuous early dinner since the visitors were still having respective affairs this evening. It was a perfect treat for a body exhausted with fun and swimming. Heavy rain really poured and we waited untill it calmed down and we thanked the host and go home.

It was really a fantastic day! For those who did not enjoy their summer vacation yet, you can still make it. Eventhough how simple it is as long as you're having fun and relieved... Your summer is not pale anymore!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Great Events!

Too long since the last post... It's been for ages already but so many things happened actually that kept me busy.

First was that, I had my first graduation ceremony at Davao Christian High. It was a simple program and it was very touching to see my students closing their high school years.

The seniors night followed on the next day. It was held at the famous Waterfront Insular Hotel in Lanang. I like the setting though the hall did not impress me much. Very plain arrangement and decoration. The carpet saved the looks of the place. It was thick and fashionable. I was amazed seeing the students dressed in their very stylistic gowns and tux. I gave a short speech as an advice for them as they are going to face a new chapter in their lives. The guys of course wanted to have a drink.. and who else that was so eager for it. Paolo Tan of course... he ordered Bloody Mary for both of us at the bar of the hotel. There was a band and the guys danced! Just imagine the scene. Well, they deserved such celebration. We then hop the city looking for a place for more celebration and we found Gabbie's place. Drunk and happy, we then check-in at Sequoia Inn, the 15 of us. It was a memorable night.

After a very tiring but a very rewarding job, the teachers had an outing at Wow Kiss Beach Resort at Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. It's my first time to have fellowship with them outside the school. We stayed there for two days and I was really having fun with the sea and the shore. Shore, because I was the the shoreline early morning on our second day there because I can't afford to see that such awesome scenery will be destructed by the trashes caused by the heavy rains during the previous night. It was a worthy job!

Thank GOD that HE gave me this very rare opportunity to teach summer classes at Davao Christian High. I teach Math to the incoming freshmen and those who fail in Intermediate Algebra. Wooooow.... It was a tough job. It's really difficult to teach Math! Anyway, I learned a lot from their attitudes. How to handle them and how to deal with them.

So... three more days to go and the summer class will going to end. Hopefully, I can have my vacation next week.

So that's it! A summer well spent so far! ;-)