Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have just been to People's Park with the (ex)?girlfriend, Analou. It was a tough decision actually. Words were hardly spoken from my mouth. It took a lot of courage to speak the truth, the hurting truth. In short, we are officially break as being lovers.

Lovers indeed since we spent special times also. Special in the way I could never imagine I can experience. Dining outside, going home with her and introduce her to my family; stays in hotel, traveling, strolling at the park, and especially talking about life and sharing experiences, and most especially, trusting each other and caring for each other.

After all of those things, it was very difficult to end such relationship. But things occur sometimes of course not the way we expected to them to happen. I know I handle the relationship very poorly. Time, communication, excitement, special treatment were gone as time passes by. Why I keep on defending myself?


There are just things that can't be explained by words alone.

To you my, salamat sa lahat2x. Sa care and love mo sa akin. Especially for being so patient and understanding eventhough I'm one of the worst persons to deal with. I know, great things will still happen for each one of us. Just take care.

Salamat kaayo.

I just can't cheat to myself and to other people.