Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Alive!

Exactly one month ago I met a motorcycle accident. It was a fine Sunday morning. The sky was very bright. The sun was up. I decided to ask my brother to teach me how to drive a single motor. And he did. We went to the oval not far from our home. It was already scary every time I take a turn. I was able to drive it how many times on the open ground. We went back home and had agreed that I will be the one to drive. And I did. It was good feeling. I just have the difficulty in stepping the clutch to set the ideal speed of the vehicle along the way. We went further to the outskirts of our barangay since it was a paved road and few vehicles are passing there. When we went back home we decided to pass at Bario Site, the center of our barangay. When we were nearing the corner where I was about to turn, I stepped the clutch and brake to reduce the speed but I was able tighten my grip which cause the motorcycle to accelerate instantly and I just lose control. My brother was asking where are we going and we just dived into the canal!

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