Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My hometown

These past few weekends I keep on going home. I certainly don't know why but there is just something that keeps me coming back home often. Well, there are maybe many reasons for it. Our house is very simple(literally) but what is something in home that you feel like very at ease, very comfortable.

The security maybe and the feeling of belongingness and probably ownership. Ha ha ha ha ha what strange reasons for it. Or maybe the company you have at home. But you know it's not an assurance also since there are so many houses which are actually very fancy and yet many people who are living there are not comfortable being there. Well, in my case I just love being with my family. Reminiscing the childhood memories which we joyfully share with each other. Good times and certainly sometimes tough times are worth talking for. Ha ha ha ha ha. My sister Deling would be very amazed on how we succeeded those difficult times before. In short, even though we are not able to renovate fully our house yet but the feeling of being there, standing, sitting, dining, sleeping is just too soothing. The feeling of contentment is just indescribable. Ha ha ha ha ha.

The environment also is one factor. Sometimes in Davao life is so busy that I forget to breath naturally sometimes. More vehicles in the streets, airconditioned classrooms and offices, clogged boarding house. I feel suffocated. Unlike here, the scenery is still green. Less vehicles. Natural air and windy. Serene especially during evenings. What could I ask for? I even have a plan of working here next school year. Ha ha ha ha ha.

After dreaming of living city life, I am asking now going back home. Humans are really insatiable. Ha ha ha ha ha. But of course, I will be bored after some time living here probably. He he he he he.

Still, Davao has something more to offer! But I just love my hometown, Tagum!