Saturday, March 7, 2009

Having Fun!

I just finished my snacks at the same time my lunch at mandarin Tea garden at Victoria plaza. As usual, I ordered my favorite menu - siomai and tropical fruit salad. It's our 2nd monthsary today of my girlfriend, Analou. For the past two months, i just been so happy and felt complete like never before. We had simple celebration this morning for she's going home. We met the new day together and exploring new things together(?). Lolz! And what else could be sweeter than that? We had our simple breakfast at Blue Carabao and I sent her off to ride for a jeepney.

Last night we really had a great time together with my friends at Maam Jocy's new home. It was the first time Analou and even me to join my fellow teachers for a simple gathering. Maam Glema and Desi organized it since Relyn is in town for a break from Manila. Relyn was our former sophomore English teacher. We had a simple dinner prepared by everybody. Me and my An brought Bam-i from Fly-over ihaw2x. Relyn brought Red Ribbon cake and Desi and Glema with bihon and Pancit from Edongs. James and Mam Jocy bought barbecue which was very very tasty. We enjoyed our conversation since Jennifer and Dexter were around. They really have a good sense of humor. We talked about our lives as teachers and especially how Jen handle the preschoolers. It's already 9 in the evening and the original plan was to watch LFS at nearby SM but we were late already so the group decided to watch the famous film of Sarah and John Lloyd at NCCC mall. Without so much adue, the group was ready just in a minute.

We toured a bit to view the controversial house at their subdivision and we all were very amazed by these palace-like houses. At the mall, we met the Ching's (Bavyn's family). There were still so many movie goers on queue at the cinema where the You Change My Life movie is being showed. We continue our conversation and finally we were in.

Watching the movie for the second time around was not that exciting anymore (unless the movie is really really good). But there are still scenes that impressed me. We do not laugh that much but we really enjoy the movie though. We then had our picture taking at the car park of the mall and headed home immediately.

Simple things in life become funny and memorable as long you have good people around. ;-)

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