Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Wonderful Day!

I woke up around 6.30 in the morning and eventhough I must be early at school, I still spent some time meditating and enjoying the serenity the morning has to offer. Again, I was late at school by 15 minutes and the three girls were somehow became irritated of my late presence. Peace girls. ;-) I immediately proceed to the faculty room to get the necessary papers for their competition. It was locked so I have to return to the guard's post to get the key and another same route. It was already so disturbing to call Manong Nante to drive us going to DCWD Training Center instead we rode on a non-aircon Holiday taxi going to Madapo Hills. The orientation already started and there were still few schools who were waited to arrive so it's not that shameful anymore. But still it must not be the attitude. We must always come on time.

There we were participating the 5th Pi-che Chemistry Olympiad. It was the first time of Davao Christian High School I think to join such competition. Sharmain, Keisha and Charisse represented the reputable school. I told the girls to pray before the competition. And they did. That's how Davao Christian being separated from other schools, instilling to the students thegood Christian values.

...(my throat is not ok right now, I have to leave). Must continue next time.

Guesting at ABS-CBN's DXAB 1296,
signing papers for BOR meeting,

What a wonderful day!

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