Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ordinary Days

When we were young, we found it boring to wake up for another usual day. Nothing to do, no gimmicks, no assignment, no work or even play. Just simply a lazy day. But today, when you are working and study at the same time, that ordinary lazy day become a luxury. And I reward myself again with that kind of luxury.

Yesterday, I was supposedly attending my Macroeconomics class for my graduate studies but I requested my sister to help me washed my clothes instead. We were having simple joyful moments. Exchanging our different experiences and outdoor adventures. Planning for our next gigz with family and even plans for life. It's funny to think that we still do the washing until now even here in Davao. I really like to wash clothes and she too. When we were kids, we altogether happily washed our clothes at our "poso" (mechanical water pump). Yup, life really took us further but those simple things will surely give us joy and will make us feel the essence of being a human.

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