Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why Can't I Have More Days Like This?

Yesterday (January 17, 2016) probably is one of the best days of my life. There's no big occasion nor great celebration. It's just like ordinary Sunday which turned out to be a time well spent. I woke up around 5:00 in the morning but was lazy enough to get out from the bed. As result, I wasn't able to jog. But I had a great alternative for jogging and that was cleaning our pathway.

As my sister was trimming the hedges, she encountered these two adorable eggs resting in the nest. It's very rare to have that live picture nowadays since I'm living in an urban jungle. I was worried though about the stress of the mother bird when we discovered her nest.

After that, my mother and I had our bonding moment and that was actually going to public market, buying vegetables, fruits, fish and other supplies. I like going to wet markets since it has a soothing effect on me. We prepared our lunch together. She cooked directly the fresh fish we bought from the market and I prepared a seaweed salad. Since my sister and her family went to the park for their family time, me and Nanay were alone in the house. As we ate our lunch together she shared her childhood experiences about how rich the resources back then. They didn't usually buy the food they had to eat. They were surrounded by rice fields, vegetables, and fruit trees. They raised their chicken, hogs and other animals. Fishes were just a barter for tuba through my lolo. It was a light moment for the two of us.

I slept after a heavy meal. It's around 3:00 o'clock and I have to go since my high school friends and I decided to have simple get together. And there's no perfect place and a perfect thing to do but to have "pamutong" at Jayson's place at Purok Abaca. It was still high school since I last visited that place to have our lunch then and of course "pamutong." There are so much changes in the place, after all it has been 16 years. We loose ourselves from being a banker, a teacher or a businessman. We were there just like the old days and it was very sweet to go back on that place with your friends doing the things we love to do back in high school days. We open the coconut fruit just like how we did it before. This time, it was not just a simple buko with biscuit crackers and Royal True Orange, Jarold with his love for food, made it extra special with cream and condensed milk with a little pineapple tidbits. It was an awesome experience. We were so full, not just with the buko but with the joy of the company of each other as well.

We all knew it was not enough, the time together, since we seldom see each other now. We decided to have a dinner at Big 8 Hotel. Fresh from the farm and there we are, dining and singing in the VIP Room of the best hotel in town. We thank God for how He continually bless us. The struggles we have been through are for real and we did it. The achievements of my classmates are totally inspiring. We all deserve that treat. To end the night, we bought coffee from Mcdonald's and drink it at the provincial capitol which is just near our Alma Mater. And we have SK (Istoryang Kinabuhi) moments. Struggles will always be there in life, it's up to us on how we respond into it. And what is priceless is that you have friends whom you can share your feat and defeats in life. We still have jobs and responsibilities the following day so we call it a night. I go back to Davao and along the way I just wonder, "Why can't I have more days like this?"

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