Sunday, June 1, 2008

Amazing Grace!

I turned 25 years old two weeks ago. And it was a wonderful week long celebration! I really thanked GOD for the life HE has given me. It is really amazing to live this life.. Experiences, emotions, places, family, friends, food, technologies, etc... Out of nowhere, we were born and given a chance to exist. Incredible! Though I was not able to celebrate it as it should have be, I'm still very thankful to GOD for the people He has given in my life! Thank you..., thank you..., thank you...! ;-)

Last week, our community was asked to join the SingOlympics '08 of the Singles for Christ Davao Chapter. There are four events, Acoustic Band, Acapella, Pop Dance and GAG. I volunteered to join the acapella. We met last monday(june 26). Knowing each other, simple voice lessons, and familiarizing the song. Mam Anne was our organizer. The following night, Mam Anne was not around and we're not that close first with the group members. I just lead a bit for guidance so that everyone will not be bored. And everybody participated well and bro yak2x showed his talent in teaching music. He was really amazing.. He knows how to make a voicing with that song. By the way we chose "Stand Up for Love" by Destiny's Child as our piece. The song itself is very very good. We begun assigning members as tenor, base and soprano. On the following night, alto was added. The competition was just 3 nights away and we're not done yet. We were even not able to memorize the song still. But the group was hopeful and still cooperated. We revised some parts and bro yak2x really showed his prowess in interpreting and arranging songs. He strictly examine our voices and tones. He's able to notice such minute mistakes, the flats and the sharps! Thursday, we decided that our attire would be different dresses representing different professions and it just fit for an inspirational song like "Stand up for Love." Friday, we're worried a bit since we still have our CLP so our practiced was delayed for 3 hours. Though it was late as 10 in the evening we still had our practice, this time at MTS. We finished everything - the voicing, the choreography, the facial expressions - as late as 1 in the morning! And it is not good for the singers to stay late as that in an open area. The coldness will just ruin your voice. Though tired, we had fun practicing and the warmness of the company of each other.

Finally, Saturday came (and that was actually yesterday)! We had agreed that we are going to meet at NCCC Mall. But since I got a little probs enrolling at the graduate school, I proceeded directly to Philippine Women's College of Davao. It was my first time to be there and I like the school. It is one of the oldest academic institutions in Davao City. It turned 55 years old this year.
The venue was very small, very far from what I expected. Our group still had our practice since we arrived there early. Some of us became nervous already and forgot our lines and tunes. But the power of prayer is very strong that GOD guide us always. We familiarized the stage and had our dress rehearsals. We got excited and tensed as the program started. We were the second group to present in acapella and the crowd became silent as we started to sing. Due to the rehearsals we've made at the venue itself, we found ourselves comfortably singing our piece. I was able to have the presence of mind that time and was able to remember all the notes, all the entrance, timing and the lyrics. Our costume was just so fantastic and portrayed and essence of the song. Moises impressed the audience with his military suit. I wore the ever boring longsleeves with tie ha ha ha ha ha! Anton was flashy with his red fireman suit. There's a teacher and an office girl. Ate Jam - the lead singer- was fabulous in her Muslim dress. Shane wore the white gown of doctors while Cielo was very chic in her green casual dress. Cianne was so cool in an Avril Lavigne outfit. And our conductor was hip in his polo shirt with a tube and a working hat. You know what person he's portraying. I saw an eager and somehow convinced audience. After almost five minutes of their silence, the crowd burst into happiness and clap their hands loudly at a longtime. We were so happy that we are able to perform and present it well. The happiness is immeasurable... The gratitude is uplifting... The grace is amazing!

We won the competition!

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